hello new friend!

so you’re probably wondering why a ten year old has a website or even owns firearms, right?

well…lemme start from the beginning.

my whole name is elizabeth but everyone has called me E since i was born. my mom will correct you if you call me something else and my dad will roll his eyes at her but they are still pretty funny and i sorta need them around since i’m only nine so i laugh at all of their jokes.

i don’t have any brothers or sisters but i have three dogs and a cat that my mom didn’t want. ronnie thinks i am her mommy. tipper is our guard dog and hank is a lazy boy dog.

i live in the same town my parents grew up in and my grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents! my dad says i am a fifth generation browning. we’ve been here a while, ha! since we all live so close i get to see my family all the time. everybody in my family shoots especially my dad, uncle john and granddad james.

i currently shoot a pistol and a rifle at steel matches. my pistol is a ruger mark iv lite with a tandemkross pro comp, tactical solutions slide racker and a cmore rts 2 sight.

my rifle is a ruger 10/22 with a cmore railway sight. we have two ranges on our family farm. the texas star is one of my favorites!

you also won’t find me on any range without my hunters hd gold shooting glasses and since we have a lot of steel around our place…we keep nice and shiny with none other than steel target paint.

when i’m not on the range i love to hang out with my friends, go to the lake, work with my dad on job sites and go to the beach!

i also love to hunt and killed my first deer when i was nine and beat my dad because he killed his first deer when he was ten. i shoot with a valkyrie 224 for woods goats and my .22 ruger rifle for small game. i actually shot my first rabbit out of my bedroom window! lol #farmlife

and we always clean and process our own deer. we believe it’s the highest level of respect we can show the animal that will now feed us for months. p.s. country fried deer steak is my FAV!

so pretty much, being a shooter is basically in my blood and my website is the coolest place to be the home for all of my TINGTING fun.

thanks for stopping by.
see ya on the range!

if ya wanna know what my whole family looks like without eye and ear pro…here’s our most recent family pic - june 2019.

elizabeth browning ting ting
elizabeth browning ting ting